SEDA Malaysia provides other related services with regards to solar PV system. With its competency and capability within the team, our services provide includes the following:

  • Project management and implementation – undertakes supervision/ implementation of Government/ government agencies related projects;
  • Testing & Commissioning (T&C) – conducts necessary T&C procedures and acts as a third party witnessing to ensure that installed PV systems are well-designed and performed as expected at the point of T&C;
  • Training – provides PV system training courses for engineers, non-engineers, wireman & chargeman and PV installers. Customised training for certain targeted groups of people are also available. More details
  • Performance Monitoring – provides PV monitoring solutions for site owners via PVMS device and webportal.
  • Technical Advisory – Our professional technical team is happy to answer any queries related to solar PV as well as other RE technologies.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the above services.