“Internet of Things” (IoT) Technology

The PVMS is a web based application which can be accessible via web browser and hosted by SEDA Malaysia. The PVMS adopted the “Internet of Things” (IoT) technology which enables connectivity and data exchange between PV inverters, PVMS devices and server (webportal) within internet infrastructure. The IoT allows all these devices to be remotely connected across internet infrastructure and this resulted in improved efficiency in data capturing and reporting with minimal human intervention.

How does the PVMS work?

  • Data from weather station, sensors and PV inverters are collected by data logger before transmission.
  • Data is transmitted to SEDA Malaysia in ten (10) minutes interval.
  • Data is stored, analysed and processed by the system before it is published in the PVMS webportal.
  • Webportal is displayed live and historical data via web based application can be accessed remotely by using computer and mobile phone.


What are the benefits of PVMS devices?

  • Able to communicate with various brands of PV inverters available in the market;
  • Steady power supply (no interruption) from Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS);
  • PVMS webportal is developed and proprietary owned by SEDA Malaysia; and
  • Data will be stored up to 10 years and can be accessed anytime.