Please be informed that NEM consumers can update his NEM project profile and system capacity through the eNEM system starting 10th April 2019 (Wednesday). Application for NEM application updates allowed are as listed below:

  • Amendment to the particulars in eNEM application information;
  • Amendment to the uploaded supporting documents;
  • Application for an increase in installed capacity;
  • Application for a reduce in installed capacity; and
  • Application for an Extension of Time (EoT) for NEM Commencement Date (a maximum of 12 months from the date of the NEM approval).

The processing fees for the applicable updates is listed below:

No. Description Fees (RM)
1 NEM consumer for amendment made to his NEM with installed     capacity below than and equal to 10kW RM10.00
2 NEM consumer for amendment made to his NEM particulars with installed capacity more than 10kW RM100.00
3 NEM consumer for an increased in the installed capacity. Capacity difference (kW) x RM10/kW


Starting 29th April 2019, the hardcopy of the supporting documents for the NEM Commencement Date (NEMCD) verification below is no longer required. However, the NEM applicant or its appointed Contractor shall upload the following supporting documents after receiving confirmation from TNB on NEMCD. This is to ensure that the NEM Project has been successfully commissioned, failing which the Project is deemed outstanding/non-performing, hence may result in cancellation:

No. Milestone/Task


1. Registration of ST public license with SEDA Malaysia (for system more than 72 kW)
Colored scanned copy of the above complete document.


2. NEM Commencement Date
Colored scanned copy of the duly executed and stamped of NEM Declaration Form (TNB Contract).


Scanned soft copy of the duly executed (with initial on each page) of NEM contract for Domestic or Commercial or Industrial or agriculture Consumer (whichever applicable).


Scanned soft copy of “ NEM Welcome Letter” issued by TNB to the NEM consumer.


*Colored Scanned copy of the complete SEDA T&C form signed and endorsed by ST’s Competent Person and Qualified Person (GCPV).


*T&C must be carried out by in accordance to the procedure for testing and commissioning of grid-connected photovoltaic systems in Malaysia as issued by SEDA Malaysia available at