Putrajaya, Monday (18 March 2019) –Yesterday, the Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment, and Climate Change (MESTECC) – YB Puan Yeo Bee Yin provided an update on the progress of the newly enhanced net energy metering (NEM) programme which she introduced in October last year. This update was carried out in a ½ day briefing organised by Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia on the new NEM.

  1. 1 Tremendous Growth on take up rate
  2. A total capacity of 500 MW has been allocated for the NEM and will be exhausted by end of 2020;
  1. In the past months through constant communications by disseminating the right information in raising awareness on the new  NEM to the public, SEDA has witnessed 11 MW taken up in just 2 monthswhich shows a tremendous growth compared to 18.24MW take up rate in the 12 month period last year; and
  2. In total, SEDA has approved 38 MW of which 10 MW has achieved commercial operation.

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